About the project

CreaOSS (creative open source studio) is an internet based project intended to become a video production platform based on the use of Open Source Software.

The project is a community orientated initiative which intends to create a growing database of users (professionals and amateurs) in the fields of video and movie production. Some project goals include encouraging the sharing of experiences, results and products made by using purely open source software.

The first phase of the project will focus on setting up an updated website to keep informing, as well as displaying discussion and user comments on features regarding each one of the open source software available for the creative arts and media production fields. (video editing, animation, etc…). At the same time, while the site becomes a visitors gathering point on relevant topics, users could meet up with other users interested on creating working teams (crews) for video or movie productions (always using open source software). Progressively, the site aims to become an open space for any user willing to display their materials, productions and final results, as long as they were created using any of the open source software

The evolution of the project contemplates a platform able to gather followers in order to become a community orientated space, which later on, could evolve into an online collaborative studio for audiovisual productions using purely open source software.

Future phases of the project could even include the implementation of new technologies like blockchain and decentralization. Blockchain principles could eventually allow the use of some kind of rewarding units (ICO, tokens, etc) as an incentive to create and produce audiovisual content using open source software.

In a long term perspective, and more ambitious goal, CreOSS would like to extend the rewarding possibilities of a blockhain based environment, in order to help develop a sustainable funding model for open source software developments, by allowing transfers of the rewarding units (cryptocurrencies, ICO, or tokens,,,) to the very developers of the software used for the audiovisual productions set through the CreaOSS platform.

Though CreaOSS might certainly seems an ambitious project, it is just a starting conceptual idea with a long way to go, so come join us to become one of our founders members and start contributing with written articles or reviews about related topics, or perhaps, assembling the team of your next productions. We are currently looking for partners and supporters. So, if you are interested on becoming part of this adventure, or think you could help to enrich this project, please contact us.

Enzo Gianvittorio

Are you an enthusiast programmer wanting to become part of this project? We are currently looking for talented coders or passionate candidates who could become developer partners or CTO. If you are interested, please contact us.

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